Meet the Team

Whether you are looking to create a brand new, one of a kind custom memorial or duplicate a hand cut family monument from generations past, Sunset Memorials’ staff can do it right.  We stand behind the quality of our work with confidence.
LuAnn R. Jackson
Owner / Financial Manager

LuAnn takes charge of the financial details of the business. Before Dan and LuAnn became the owners of Sunset Memorials, LuAnn was an extraordinarily successful manager for a small company called Avon. She has applied the training and experience gained while working with her representatives and customers to Sunset Memorials’ business model to ensure that our customers can expect the highest quality of service and an honest value.

Daniel A. Jackson
Owner / Lead Designer

Dan leads our design team. He has been creating memorial designs for 45 years both by hand and now with state of the art computer aided design. He really has seen it all and his wealth of experience shows in the craftsmanship of our work which is second to none. Take the time to browse our photo galleries and see what we mean. Like Babe Ruth said, “It ain’t bragging if you can do it!”

Deven & Kaleb

Deven and Kaleb manage production. Employing a time proven, three step sand cutting process, they create monumental works of art that will last forever. Whether in the shop or in the field, patience and attention to detail is the way they do it. From the arrival of the raw granite to placing a finished memorial in the cemetery; repairing a damaged monument or just a routine cleaning, every job is a priority.

Jim & Mary

Jim and Mary handle our footer work. It’s a dirty job and Sunset Memorials is fortunate to have them to do it. A solid foundation is a key first step to a long lasting memorial and Jim and Mary have decades of cemetery experience that ensures our footers are sound. If your family has a memorial that is leaning or fallen over, it is the result of a poorly done footer. Call us to replace it and have the peace of mind that your memorial will stand straight for generations.

Customer Service

Customer service is everybody’s job.  Be assured that all of your concerns and requests will be handled professionally by our staff.  We realize that we often make acquaintance under some of the most difficult circumstances and tragic situations of life.  Our foremost goal is to help our customers move toward a healthy sense of closure when facing trying times.  Memorials provide meaning and honor to a life once lived.  They are the last gifts we can give.

They want to be remembered.

Continued advancements

The Randalls and Jacksons have regularly attended State and National conventions to keep up with advancements in the granite industry and memorialization trends such as cremation.

Growth & Expansion

They have continued to expand both an indoor and outdoor display based on the understanding that families need to see the range of granite colors, monument styles and shapes, design and personalization all while considering budget.

A Common Goal

Jacksons and their staff recognize a common goal with funeral homes and cemeteries to support loved ones in time of grieving and to prepare a final resting place of honor for every person.

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