There are many things to consider when purchasing a memorial for yourself or a loved one. Sometimes the decisions can be overwhelming, especially in a time of loss.  It is always our advice to take your time as you work through all the choices.  Granite memorials are quite literally the definition of something that lasts forever and as such are deserving of the effort and patience it takes to do it right.  We are here to guide you through the process of creating a personalized memorial.

Buying Guide

The following are just some of the questions you will need to answer when selecting a cemetery, monument retailer and monument.

Cemetery & Regulations

Does the cemetery allow monuments?
Does the cemetery restrict monuments to certain sections?
How many lots do I need to buy?
Are there any restrictions on the size of the monument?
Are there any rules or regulations governing the installation of monuments?
Have you been told that installation costs are part of the lot price or that you must buy your memorial from the cemetery?

Monument Retailer

Is the monument dealer a local business?
Do they offer full service?
Can the monuent retailer provide you with a personalized memorial?
Will the retailer work with you in advance?
Does the retailer offer designs for use with cremation?

The Monument

What shape, color, or styles are available?
What type of materials are available?
What ornamentation is available?
What are the different styles of lettering?
How much do you want to personalize your monumnet?
How much do you want to pay?

We encourage you to stop by our display and look at our memorial choices.  All of our prices are marked on the memorials, and include everything the memorial needs to look beautiful in the cemetery:

Design features that can be added at additional cost are:

Our terms of payment are:

Less Burden

You remove that burden from the loved ones you leave behind.


You have the opportunity to design a memorial that expresses what you most want loved ones to remember and get to see and share it with them.

Payment Plans Available

A payment plan can be setup to help spread the cost of your memorial over a fixed period of time.

Lock in Cost

It is a good hedge against the rising costs of shipping and manufacturing.

Want to learn more about our pre-planning options?

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