Cleaning & Repair

All of our monuments are beautiful when first placed in a cemetery.  Granite wears away less than 1/8 inch in 25,000 years, but they will become dirty with the passage of time.  How long a memorial remains looking new depends on things such as proximity to trees and bushes as well as how much sunlight it is exposed to and even the direction the memorial faces, most of which is beyond your control.  You can clean minor soiling with a kitchen multi-cleaner and a scrub brush.  On an overcast day, wet the monument, spray on cleaner, scrub with the brush then RINSE THOROUGHLY.
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For heavy build ups, call Sunset Memorials.  We use a portable power washing system and an acid based cleaner to make your granite marker look just as good as new.  We also clean older marble monuments with remarkable results, but the ravages of time on marble are often irreversible.


And sometimes things just happen.  An old, poorly made footer will tip, trees will fall or someone cuts a corner too tight.  Any of these events can cause damage to your monument.  Our staff is experienced and has the tools to repair or replace your memorial.  A picture is worth a thousand words, so read on…